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Imaginary Arcs

Spoilers are a touchy area for a lot of people. Gawker had an article the other day, claiming that they don't diminish viewers' enjoyment. I like to avoid them, because when watching movies and TV series, I engage in wild speculation (while watching and out loud). I like to predict how the story will play out.

This is a bit of a point of contention for some of the people with whom I watch, because, occasionally, I get it right. I also get it wrong a lot, but I like to imagine how the story will play out.


Now, there are some bigger opportunities out there. Major movies have been trapped in an epic trilogy model for a pretty long time (three part Hobbit?), but there are a few places where studios seem to be looking at an opportunity to break this mold. This is a great chance for multi-year spanning predictions, so here are the stories that I hope that we can imagine huge arcs on:

Marvel Cinematic Universe - or any single character. I think Captain America provides plenty of room alone, particularly as Bucky is signed on for a 9-movie contract.


DC Cinematic Universe - It looks like they're getting ready to break it right open. How do they get to Justice League without it feeling forced?

Star Wars - So, they've released in trilogies to date, but with spin-offs coming up, canon being thrown into disarray, and possible clues out there every day, what can they have in mind?


Let's play!

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