Imaginary Arcs

Spoilers are a touchy area for a lot of people. Gawker had an article the other day, claiming that they don't diminish viewers' enjoyment. I like to avoid them, because when watching movies and TV series, I engage in wild speculation (while watching and out loud). I like to predict how the story will play out.

On Resurrection (not TV)

I enjoy twists and turns in a story a lot. A big surprise from a character who has been hung out to dry is just a blast. Minor characters being set up for greatness is a thrill. However, the resurrection of dead characters and the requirement that readers/viewer see a character die on page/screen is a pet peeve…

I Hope We Both Die

Comics are referenced in songs and other media pretty frequently, which is great. Readers get a little window into the people who are writing songs and other material. I also find songs and other stories subtly referenced in comic books and I love it. It takes me out of the story, but when it's done well, it…